Do you ever wonder what secret mindset rituals and systems separate those who live calm, meaningful, joyful lives from those who struggle year after year with anxiety, depression, and worry?

Have you ever wondered the precise meditation tactics and stealth emotional anchoring techniques happy and successful people faithfully execute every day, week, and month to achieve ever-deepening connection to intuitive wisdom, inner calm, and total certainty on their mission and purpose?


Did you even realize that - indeed - cultivating a life of joy, purpose, and freedom REQUIRES this kind of commitment to mastering the mind?

When you want to master the mind-states that lead to more joy, impact, and purpose in your life, the ACCELERATED way to get to the next level is to get guidance from someone who has been there before you, and already dealt with all the inner obstacles you're facing today...

Without help and expert guidance, you could endure months, years, even DECADES of anxiety, frustration, difficulty with relationships, & limited (or even no) growth in your personal and professional life…  Yet, all it can take is one simple insight from someone else who has blazed the path before you to change EVERYTHING.


That's why all High-Impact Humans - coaches, doctors, healers, therapists, athletes, community leaders, entrepreneurs, CEOs, even parents (the most High-Impact Humans of them all) who want to do their best in life not just for themselves but for others - have mentors, advisors, and coaches to consult so they can achieve success in as little time as possible, sustain that success, and avoid as many costly mistakes as possible.

How would you like two of the premier mindset coaches on Earth in your corner to help you accelerate your path to joy, purpose, calm, and clarity in your life so you can have the kind of positive IMPACT on your loved ones, colleagues, and community you KNOW you are capable of?

We’re Chris Axelrad and Nic Peterson, two dudes dedicated to the practice and teaching of something we call “Core Clarity” through our brainchild Clear Mind Project.

Both of us own and run successful businesses where we’ve helped THOUSANDS achieve higher levels of inner strength, purpose, and wellness - Nic in the high-performance nutrition and fitness space and Chris as a world-renowned practitioner in the mind-body-medicine space.

What Chris and Nic are known for is their ability to provide breakthrough insights to others that instantly amplify clarity and accelerate progress - and results - dramatically.


How would you like to have us PERSONALLY in your corner to help YOU have YOUR breakthroughs and finally break free from self-limiting mindstates?




Thing is… where everyone else is trying to sell you INFORMATION, TACTICS, and STRATEGY, there’s a critical piece missing. Which is why, despite the fact you may have invested significant time, money, and resources in self-help and personal growth, you still find yourself here, looking for more.


And, that’s because VERY FEW ever discover the REAL secret to a life of joy, calm, and purpose. VERY FEW discover it and even fewer teach it.


It’s actually not information… It is a PRECIOUS RESOURCE, more precious than anything else in life. All the achievement, money, status, accolades, adulation, and "stuff" in the world simply cannot replace it.

All the knowledge and information contained in all the books in the world cannot describe it nor can they give you a precise map to its location.

The number and quality of friends you have or don't have is of no consequence when it comes to acquiring it.

And, once you find it, you will realize and EXPERIENCE entirely new and previously "impossible" levels of

- Joy
- Calm
- Certainty
- Connection
- Forgiveness
- Lovingkindness
- Fearlessness
- and Purpose.

This precious resource, when discovered, nurtured, and cultivated, becomes the gateway to all love, power, and presence.

Never again will those who have it experience that unquenchable thirst that causes all depression, anxiety, and despair.

And those who master the skills of sustaining it are forever - and completely - FREE.

What is this most precious resource?

It is, simply put...

A calm, focused quiet, CLEAR MIND.

When you become a part of Clear Mind Society, you learn the precise skills to control your mindstate to generate MASSIVE clarity so you can be calm, present, productive, and… dare we say… consistently HAPPY on a daily basis.

Clear Mind Society includes EXCLUSIVE access to our “12 Core Clarity Meditations” for complete mastery of your mind and emotions, exclusive advanced resources, and GROUP COACHING designed to teach you how to remove all internal obstacles (which are, in fact the ONLY obstacles) to the deep and eternal joy you ALREADY embody.

It is then - and ONLY then - that ULTIMATE success is achieved.

Clear Mind Society is ONLY for those who are serious about seeking consistent, DAILY, unshakeable calm, clarity, and certainty within so that they can break free of self-limiting mind-states and forever live with joy and purpose so they can be a LIGHT unto everyone they encounter.

Join Clear Mind Society, come into this environment, and follow the teaching, and you will never be the same (in the most awesome way).

THAT is not hyperbole. It's a PROMISE.

For the level of transformation we offer, this could EASILY be offered to a very small group with 1-on-1 coaching for $10,000-$20,000 per person...

OR, we could offer this program for $3000-5000 per person as is and call it “group coaching”.

But thankfully for you - we’re not running this program to make money...

We’re doing this to have a REAL impact on as many lives as possible in the shortest amount of time possible.





True, Clear Mind Society is all about you and accelerating your path to a life of joy, calm, and purpose. 


But it’s ALSO about building a community of people committed to cultivating and sustaining a clear mind and a joyful, peaceful heart.


We figure the more of us there are doing this, the world around us will be a MUCH better place. NO DOUBT.

So we’re only going to (eventually) charge the $97 a month for access to the ALL the life-transforming benefits of Clear Mind Society for the whole entire year...

But there’s even better news - that will be price for it at the END of 2018!

Which means if you jump into Clear Mind Society TODAY, you lock in YOUR access to EVERYTHING inside for just $97/month $47/month for the entire year.


So now is your chance to get in for as LOW as it will ever be...

We’ve had people come back and tell us of INCREDIBLE shifts in their capacity for joy and calm, and overcoming internal blocks they’ve had for YEARS just from doing our 5-day Core Clarity Challenge.


If that’s our FREE stuff, imagine the impact you’ll get from the stuff you actually pay for.


If you’ve wondered how to reach ever-deeper levels of calm, joy, clarity and… yes… CERTAINTY in your life, Clear Mind Society is going to provide you the EXACT tools to do just that over the next 12 months and BEYOND.


In fact, if you join the society, follow the process and teachings, show up for the calls, and positively contribute to the environment, we GUARANTEE you will look back on this as THE MOST PIVOTAL DECISION YOU MADE IN YOUR ENTIRE LIFE.  

Want to escape the hamster-wheel of anxiety, procrastination, fear, and low-motivation FOREVER?


Want to finally - and CONSISTENTLY - show up as the parent, child, brother, sister, coach, therapist, healer, CEO, entrepreneur, colleague, teacher, etc. that you KNOW you can be?

Then here’s your formal invitation to join us inside Clear Mind Society to learn the exact process, tools, and tactics for achieving calm, clarity, and joy on levels you can only imagine right now, but will become NORMAL for you as you work with us.

This is your opportunity to get in for as low as it will ever be priced, and you’ll get access TODAY for just $47 a month.


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